Even in a world of interactive digital media, something irresistibly draws people into the tangible world of paper and ink. But why? What makes people fall in love with print? Here are some of the answers we have come up with. If asked the same question, what would you say?

  1. Print is at the center of societal change. From the printing of the Gutenberg Bible in the 15th century to the Federalist and the Anti-Federalist papers in the 18th century, print has profoundly impacted our society. It is part of our history.
  2. It enriches us.Print enriches our daily lives from the reproductions of the world’s greatest paintings to the coolest T-shirts.
  3. Print aids in comprehension.Studies show that people absorb and retain information more deeply in print than they do in digital media.
  4. Print is fun.Print is just enjoyable to have with so many textures, finishes, and embellishments in your hands. It’s one reason that sales of printed books are on the rise even with our society’s addiction to mobile phones. Who wants to read Gone with the Windon an iPhone?
  5. It inspires creativity.There is something about a tangible product that breathes life into ideas. With print, creativity springs eternal.
  6. Print preserves moments in time.With so much digital clutter, the tangible presence of books, marketing collateral, and even business cards, print preserves a memory—a moment in time—in ways that digital can’t.
  7. Print is magic.Have you ever seen the inner working of a press? A digital file becomes a printing plate, then millions of tiny dots spring to life on the page as brilliant, high-resolution images. This little miracle is replicated in every print project you order.
  8. Print is fun—and so are we. When you use print, you get to work with us! We’re a great, fun bunch of people who know our stuff and want to help you get the most out of your marketing projects.

So if you love print and we love print, let’s love print together. Give us a call for your next project.